New at World Park

You are unique, and so is your trip. Unique in the region, the valet parking service.
The big advantage is that you save a lot of time, unlike the shuttle service, we pick up your vehicle at the departure hall.

1 ° SUPPORT: your valet will be waiting for you, helping you unload your luggage and carry out an inventory of the car in order to avoid misunderstandings.

2 ° PARKING: for the duration of your stay, your car is parked in our car park.

3 ° RETURN: on your return, your valet follows your arrival time in real time and delivers your car when you leave the airport. With this concept, never miss your flight again. a slam of the door and you are already on the plane. Our car park is guarded and your car is safe for the duration of your stay.

On your return from vacation, find your own vehicle